PMP Test Basics

PMP certification exams are generally computer generated. They are initially made fro the purpose of assessing the test-taker’s ability within the following primary aspects of project management:

– Initiation
– Planning
– Execution
– Monitoring and controlling
– Closing the project
– Acknowledgement of responsibilities—both social and professional

If you want to take the PMP test, you can either fill up the application form included in the PMP Credential Handbook or choose to fill it up online by logging on to the PMI website. The application form would require you to list in detail the PMP eligibility of your accomplishments.

The PMP test contains 200 questions which are all in multiple-choice format. Upon taking it, you will encounter a pretest containing 25 questions. These questions are not going to add up to your overall results. They are just used to help set you off the real course of entering the certification questions.

The questions which would be then evaluated for certification purposes are all made by project management experts. These questions have passed their scrutiny and their approval. To maintain the validity of the questions, they also have to pass psychometric processes. However, the exam is only available in the English language although translation guides are now also developed for foreigners who wish to take the examination. These translation guides must be requested prior to the date of exam.

After taking the exams, a printed result can be obtained to check how well you did on the different categories. The scores are all diagnostic in nature.

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