Podcasting Directory: The Benefits

Awareness in podcasting led companies in the Internet industry to come up with podcasting directory as a means to aid thousands of podcast users in choosing where to avail of the highest quality of podcasts download.

Podcasting Directory lists down the available podcasts where people can create and listen to podcast as to the latest news and tutorials on podcasting.  The purpose of a podcast directory is to help podcast consumers help find, preview, and manage their podcasts.

The podcast directory allows users to browse by categories or simply type in the keywords on the search box of the directory.  The results should provide the several podcasts available for download.  The window should provide information as to the name of the podcast, the author of the podcast, and a general description of the podcast.  It should have a button for users to choose the file to download individual episodes and a button which will provide information about the specific episode.  The details of the podcast like the number of episodes, category, and language; the list of available episodes for this podcast and the Subscribe button should be shown.
Podcasting Directory provides users with a selection of podcasts by categories.  Podcasts audio or video files are categorized into Arts & Entertainment, Biography, Business Education & Professional History,Languages , Literature,  Philosophy , Politics , Religion & Spirituality, Science , Self Development,  Social Sciences , Sports & Hobbies, Technology  and Travel .

It also provides users the features to add and remove a podcast.  Other than arranging the podcasting directory by categories, it provides users to search podcasts by country, language, buzz, popularity, tags, region, city or on a Google Map.

All in all, a podcast directory is a helpful resource to many podcasters. There are many podcast directories available on the Internet that you may use to get the a wider range of podcast list and options.

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