Pointers for a Perfect Landing Page

A landing page is the page of your website where you make an offer to your visitor.   It is a page where you put your marketing to a test by offering purchase of your product or service, attend a meeting and sign up for a newsletter.

A perfect landing page is when your website is able to provide your visitors with information before sending them to the landing page.  Include a link of the landing page within the home page of your website and allow your visitors to learn about your product or service before making a commitment.  Reaching out to visitors, results to visitor’s purchase.

Do not make your visitors read five pages of facts and figures about your product or service. Provide vital points of information in a direct and friendly manner is sufficient. A perfect landing page should highlights the benefits of your product or service.

Here are some pointers for achieving a perfect landing page:

1. Make sure that your landing page is not flooded with unnecessary information.  Your landing page main goal is to lead your visitors to sign up for the offer you are giving them.  Too much information has the tendency for visitors reading to become bored and leave your website.  Make your visitor to want your product or service and keep their attention by letting them act on their feelings quickly.
2. Make your landing page simple and easy to navigate through.  Excessive navigation options or fancy pictures would not be a good idea. You wouldn’t want your visitor to get distracted with so many links and loose their interest in completing the task of completing your offer.
3. Create a persuasive tone on your landing page and don’t make it seem that you are being too pushy.

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