Popular ECDL Books

The growing popularity of the European Computer Driving License or ECDL has encouraged a lot of brilliant minds to work together to come up with the best ECDL study guide. Here are some of the popular choices, if not the best books that you can find in a bookstore near you.

(a)   Brilliant ECDL (Paperback)

Written by James Morgan and Victoria Hull, this book was published in December of 2005 with 552 pages. It is said to be a complete fully accredited guide that can help candidates pass the ECDL examination. With its visual step by step approach, this book allows its readers to find the information they need in just a snap. It also covers all 7 modules of ECDL, a perfect choice for all ECDL aspirants.

(b)   ECDL / ICDL 4.0 Study Guide (Paperback)

This book is a collaboration from John Lancaster, David Scott, David Penfold, Sybex and the British Computer Society (BCS) with Bill McTaggart as its publisher. It contains 448 pages of ECDL information including detailed hands-on exercises, practical computer instruction and comprehensive coverage of all ECDL / ICDL objectives. It was first published in January of 2005.

(c)   Practical Exercises for ECDL using Office XP and 2003 (Paperback)

Published in 2006, this book was authored by Jackie Sherman. It contains 257 pages with a series of structured exercises and questions for each of the seven ECDL modules. These exercises are designed to assess one’s progress in learning the basic concepts of ECDL.

Indeed, there are a lot of ECDL reference materials available nowadays but choosing one that suits your needs will guarantee you of achieving ECDL success.

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