Preliminary Steps to Enterprise Systems Architecture

Enterprise systems architecture is the set rule that will enable a business to engineer its objectives, business practices, processes, and technology.  It merges the build-up of two important facets of any company, namely, the enterprise architecture design and IT systems.  It means that business objectives and corporate designs will be optimized using new technological tools and infrastructure.  This merger makes enterprise systems architecture a powerful platform to jumpstart business initiatives and practices using modern technology to realize company goals and objectives.  With enterprise systems architecture, companies can expect efficient performance and high productivity because the systems in place to reach company goals are aligned to the processes and organization of the company.

In creating enterprise systems architecture, one must proceed from the standpoint of the business rather than on technology.  It is important to define what the specific business needs are so that the appropriate tools or systems can be utilized to answer those needs. Then the company must employ distinct architecture for the enterprise.  This refers to the appropriate framework that will be used for business process, information, engineering, metrics, and technology.  After these have been defined it would be useful to map the interconnected framework to justify the entire enterprise and system architecture. This is important in order to determine if the enterprise architecture matches the business needs.

If the systems and architecture framework for the enterprise satisfy the overall business needs, the enterprise systems architecture can now be implemented.  In its implementation, it is important to unify key business unit leaders and managers on the importance and usage of the enterprise architecture. 

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