Prepare Well and Easily with a CCNP Video Mentor

Since it is important for IT professionals to get the CCNP certification, they do what they must to pass the CCNP exams. They go to CCNP courses and reviews. They get all the study guides they can get a hand of. Some go to boot camps. And others get CCNP simulators.

Well, the CCNP Video Mentor is an instructional DVD-ROM offered by Cisco. It gets the examinee well acquainted to all the four aspects of the whole CCNP exam. It has a 5 hours total of videos instructions that will provide the IT professionals the knowhow and possibly the skills one would need in order to pass the test. It teaches the concepts and it teaches practical applications as well.

It will instruct the examinee how the different CCNP-level configurations are to be accomplished. It contains the basic instructions on basic configurations tasks. And then reading lists, command tables, lab diagrams and video captures are also included. Not only that, it also demonstrates how commands are to be entered and how a device might respond to specific commands. So in effect, what the CCNP Video Mentor actually does is it prepares the examinee for the practical simulation part of the CCNP exam.

The advantage of using the CCNP Video Mentor is that people usually retain what they see than what they just read. Furthermore, it s easier to understand things when it is visually illustrated than when it is just described. With better understanding and better retention, preparing for the exam is actually made easier. IT professionals will have better chances of passing the CCNP exam and of getting certified.

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