Preparing Reports Using SQL Server Reporting Services

Preparing reports not an easy task. It is not just presenting a report to management and talk about your report specially if you are dealing with financial figures. Some would listen during your presentation but some would look into your report for further analysis and evaluation. There are also times that management would ask you to present a report showing rows and columns that is outside of the prescribed format. When your organization requires you to deliver variety of report generation, your organization would need to have a server based generation software system known as the SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS). SSRS is a Microsoft product software that is designed to prepare and deliver variety of interactive and printed reports. It is web interface administered. It features web services interface that supports in the development of custom reporting applications. The SSRS defines reports in Report Definition Language (RDL). RDL is an XML markup language wherein users are allowed to define their own elements. Reports can be designed using versions of Microsoft Visual Studio with the included Business Intelligence Projects plug-in installed or with the included Report Builder, a simplified tool that does not offer all the functionality of Visual Studio. Reports defined by RDL can be generated formats Excel, PDF, CSV, XML or TIFF formats, and HTML Web Archive. It can also prepare reports using the Microsoft Word document format. With SSRS, users interact directly with the Report Server web service or use Report Manager, a web-based application that interfaces with the Report Server web service. Users are able to view, subscribe to, and manage reports as well as manage and maintain data sources and security settings. Reports are delivered either via e-mail or placed on a file system.

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