Preparing to Get Certified with MCDST Boot Camp

Actual classes, e-learning, and self-study are just some of the ways on how to prepare for the Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Training or MCDST. Aside from these options, the candidate can also join some MCDST boot camps. This option is an actual gathering of different MCDST candidates in a week or some days. The participants will have lessons and trainings which will help to ensure a better result during the examination. The activities in the MCDST boot camps are aimed to help the participants pass the certification.

A lot of groups are offering different MCDST boot camps. Each of these is offering unique lessons and guides on how to pass the certification. Some may last only three days while some may last until a whole week. That depends on the activities, lessons, and trainings included in the MCDST boot camp.

Although different in some aspects, these MCDST boot camps also have similarities especially in some of their lessons. All of these focus on the two core exams during the actual MCDST examination. These are the Exam 70-271 and Exam 70-272. These cover how to support the end user as well as how to troubleshoot the Microsoft Windows XP and all the desktop applications using this operating system. Theoretical lectures are usually on the first days. On the following days, there are actual trainings and troubleshooting activities.

Meals and accommodations are included in most of the MCDST boot camps. This strategy helps every candidate to focus more on reviewing and preparing for the examination. MCDST boot camps are great help for anyone who has only a little time for preparation and review. With only some days, one can already have the knowledge and skills needed to be MCDST certified.

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