Priceless moments…


Whilst training students today on ITIL® foundation program, we were engaging in a discussion on the whole what comes first – the SLR or the SC.  As per usual, great debate ensues with one side of the room trying to convince the other that they are right…

This particular group all come form the same company, and so are not afraid to speak their mind, even though their boss was part of the class.


Finally we all agree that the service catalog comes first – because we need to know what we can offer before we find out the SLR… until 1 participant sheepishly pipes up with a hesitant – “I think I get it, but tell me again”  to which his boss jumps in with a metaphor.  His response was, as he leaned toward this guy, “ Its like me asking you to have my baby – even if you went back to the catalog, you know you cant provide that service”.  


After we all got over the fits of laughter, and the quips/jibes about having fun trying, the concept suddenly became clear…


Ah the joys of teaching!


Till next time Cheers from the ITIL® Australia Team at The Art of Service


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