Prince2: A (Process) Model’s Model

A lot of people say that the Prince2 process method is a very structured approach when it comes to project management. Such a method provides for project management that is within a framework that is clearly defined. In simpler terms, Prince2 works to describe the procedures that are needed in order to coordinate the people and the activities that are required in a project. It also includes different ways to design and supervise such a project and what one can do if some adjustments need to be made if it does not develop or proceed as planned.

In the Prince2 process model, all of the different processes that make up the system has specific key inputs and outputs that all have their own individual goals and activities that should be performed. The model is divided into several manageable bits, so one can say that the Prince2 process model has a very efficient control of its resources, maximizing time and saving precious funds as a result. Because it is an efficient system that is easy to control and easy to understand, it is no wonder Prince2 is such a popular and widely recognized project management method all over the word. Its easy to use method creates a common language that is easily understood by all the users of its projects. Thus, the people who make up the project team have a better understanding of their roles and responsibilities and are prepared to give one hundred percent in their contribution to the entire project. No matter how simple or how complex a particular project may be for the company, the Prince2 method makes it easily accomplishable as a result.

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