Prince2 and Best Practices: Different Terms, Same Meaning

For several years now, Prince2 and best practices has been synonymous in terms of delivering quality project management solutions both for public and private sectors.  Excellent results have been produced by companies and organizations that adapted the Prince2 methodologies in managing projects of varying scope.  Not only that, project leaders delivered products within specified time with minimum slippage.

In fact, Prince2 which is a newer version of the initial Prince method was the result of consolidation of numerous user best practices, evaluations by hundreds of project management experts, and input from companies and organizations that have used the Prince methodologies.  That is why Prince2 has been touted as the most advanced and most effective project management method that can be used for any type of projects.  And the claim has been proven true.  Since its introduction to the market, Prince2 has been used by numerous companies for their business and organizational projects around the globe.  Success has been reported and project management tasks became easier. 

The Prince2 system was specifically designed to give organizations the ability to effectively implement and deliver any types of projects. It is a tool that can be used by project management specialists to systematically handle the processes involved in running a project.  The methods of Prince2 also seek to institute tighter control mechanisms and unhampered communication process at every stage of the project.  In theory, this could lead to efficient delivery of projects with minimum wastage of resources.  In practice, Prince2 has been proven to deliver some of the best project management practices throughout the world.

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