Prince2 and ITIL – Making a Difference in the IT Industry

Prince2 and ITIL® works hand in hand in seeing to it that projects are done within the scope of certain standards and best practices. ITIL®, which stands for Information Technology Infrastructure Library, holds a set of practices and concepts that are used to manage the development, infrastructure and operations of Information Technology (IT). As you can see, ITIL® has a broader scope as it encompasses every single thing that is IT-related, from service delivery and support, to other major functions that include problem management, change management and availability management among others.

The area where Prince2 is used mostly on ITIL® is ICT Infrastructure Management, specifically on ICT Deployment Management. This area of ITIL® provides a structure for the successful management of various activities involved in an ICT project. These processes include designing, building, testing and rolling the product out to consumers. Following the Prince2 processes and principles will definitely make ICT projects successful.

However, it is a must that appropriate planning is done before anything else. In a Prince2 environment, planning has always been a part of the process so as to ensure if there is really a need for a certain project to be done. In the market today, a lot of innovations have been introduced, each promises to provide convenience to consumers. But you may also have noticed that some products that after a couple of months of release, they are no longer a hit to the market, simply because due to lack of value and importance. It is a fact that consumers are getting smarter and so project proposals should also follow. This is where ITIL® and Prince2 stand, that every thing should be carefully planned and executed towards customer satisfaction.

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