Prince2 and PDF: Enriching the Knowledge Base of Project Managers

The Prince2 project management method has benefited a lot from PDF technology.  PDF or portable display format is a computer program that allows document formatting so it could be displayed on different platforms.  It makes documents readily downloadable from the Internet and displayed on any browser.  This portability allowed Prince2 developers to disseminate the program’s documentation to a wider audience.

Most Prince2 manuals and guidebooks can be viewed or saved on individual computers because of PDF.  These documents have been converted in PDF files so that students and practitioners of Prince2 can easily retrieve these valuable online resources.  For project managers who want to review certain processes of Prince2, all they have to do is to download a manual or guide book that are formatted in PDF.

Prince2 forms, tables, and other useful templates are also available in PDF files.  Project managers who wish to save time and effort could make use of ready-made templates and forms that can be viewed from any standard computer.  However, templates are generic documents and they typically cover broad outlook and applications of Prince2 method.  Managers should be able to customize these documents to suit the specific environments of their projects.  In fact, Prince2 developers in UK are encouraging users to customize their forms and processes in order to enrich the practice of Prince2 project management methodologies.

In order to read Prince2 documents in PDF files, one should download a copy of the program over the Internet.  It is a freeware and everyone can use it without paying a fee. 

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