Prince2 Course – Worth the Investment. Definitely.

The debate over whether or not to enroll in a Prince2 project management method course can take you so many days to finish, but if you think about it, it all boils down to two things: time and money.  If you lack both, then you will most likely end up doing a self-review of sorts with whatever reviewer you can scrounge up – borrowed from friends, lifted off the Internet and some conversations with actual Prince2 project management method professionals themselves – in whatever time you have on your hands (while riding the cab, waiting for your dinner to arrive, in between work tasks and before going to bed). If you really prepared for the Prince2 course, chances are you had saved up some cash in order to enroll in a course and blocked off at least two consecutive days which you will allocate from your course class time. If you did, then congratulations! Many will admire your determination to truly immerse yourself in the ins and outs of Prince2 project management method.

The price of the courses will vary – some will be a couple of hundred dollars while the most expensive course runs up to two thousand dollars. It is usually a two-day event that will reintroduce you to the Prince2 methodology and will provide great tips that will allow you to commit the basic processes and tools to memory. A Prince2 project management course is primarily focused on connecting the processes with actual and practical application, enabling the users to see the logic and the efficiency behind such a system.

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