Prince2 Documents: The Practitioner’s Best Friend

To better grasp the essence and understand the applicability of the Prince2 methods, one should diligently study every available Prince2 documents.  These important texts can give Prince2 practitioners the necessary guidance for their project management tasks.  Constant study and review of Prince2 guide documents can sharpen the skills of every project managers that are using the Prince2 framework.

Prince2 documents come in many forms.  The standard document which is very important to acquire is the Prince2 manual.  This manual is widely distributed over the Internet and it can be accessed or downloaded for free.  The manual covers every aspect of Prince2 and discusses the technicalities of the processes involved in Prince2.

Some Prince2 documents come in the form of workbooks and guide books.  These are also generally available on the net.  Some training organizations give Prince2 workbooks as added service.  They distribute it especially to those interested in taking Prince2 training.  These workbooks contain actual situations of companies that implemented the Prince2 approach to project management.  It contains valuable insights precisely because practice is normally a rich source of best experience.  Best methods can be studied thoroughly to give examples to practitioners about practices that worked.

Other documents like Prince2 forms, tables, process flow, and organizational charts can also assist project managers in understanding the details of Prince2.  These documents are sometimes included in workbooks or Prince2 templates which can be accessed for free.  Web sites devoted to Prince2 usually allow its visitors to download such documents.  The templates can help project managers design a Prince2 model easily.

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