Prince2 Foundation Classroom Training or CBT Courses – Which is Better?

One of your options to get a comprehensive training to learn more or hasten your knowledge and expertise about Prince2 is to sign up for a Prince2 Foundation Course. Aside from developing project management skill sets, enrolling to such course will also give you the much needed preparation before taking up a life-changing exam. Because of this training, you will also gain more confidence to involve yourself in various projects that your organization may require you to participate in.

There are a lot of training institutions that are offering Prince2 Foundation Courses. Prince2, being one of the internationally recognized in the world of project management, has been the inspiration for project managers, IT personnel and other professionals to do the switch in their careers and take on new challenges as Prince2 advocates. Some (if not all) of these institutions have their own web sites to accommodate inquiries about training schedules, fees and other necessary requirements. The course duration varies from 3 days up to week, depending on the content of the modules. There may also be exams to test the delegates’ knowledge and get constant feedback every now and then so that trainers will have an idea on how to deliver topics in such a way that everyone will understand.

Prince2 Foundation courses are also available in computer-based training (CBT) format that you can access at the comfort of your own home. This is much cheaper compared to classroom training; however, you may not raise some of your questions since a trainer will not be available. But then again, some CBT providers have incorporated interactive features to their software programs so that students will not be bored while learning Prince2.

Now the choice is yours in the making.

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