Prince2 Maturity Model – Assessing the Organization Readiness for Changes

It is indeed a critical part of the planning process of any organization to assess its readiness before jumping into a different implementation process or revising some of the methods used in certain applications that they may find unproductive anymore. The reason being is that the business operation is at stake here, especially while during the course of project creation and delivery. Making minor (or major) adjustments to the various processes involved in project management may sacrifice the success of the project itself. This concept is also applied to Prince2 and evaluating an organization’s capability to undergo such transition is described in the Prince2 Maturity Model (P2MM).

The Prince2 Maturity Model (P2MM) can be used by organizations to gauge their maturity in making use of the different project management methods behind Prince2. A P2MM draft form has been made available for download from the Office of Government Commerce (OGC) web site since the year 2004, and was released formally at a later date (April, 2006). There are three maturity levels and these are the following: (a) Level 1 – initial; (b) Level 2 – repeatable; and Level 3 – consistent / defined. These levels define an organizations readiness to Prince2 transition.

Turning into P2MM can also be used in the proper implementation of Prince2. It can also help organizations to improve their performance as far as project management is concerned. This is by identifying the best practices that can be incorporated in operations to ensure the organization’s edge in achieving the next maturity level.

There are a lot of books and references that organizations can choose from to know better the concepts behind P2MM, as well as the benefits that they can get out of it. Just check out the web on how to obtain copies of these reading materials.

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