Prince2 Practitioner Exam Revision and its Impact to Exam Takers

This is wonderful news to all Prince2 Practitioner certification aspirants. As of the 1st of September, 2007, the Prince2 Practitioner exam format has been changed from a regular multiple choice type to a scenario-based exam. There will only be 9 questions that will be asked during the exam but each question is worth 40 points. This means that you will get better chances of passing the exam since you will only need to apply what you have learned from months of preparation that includes classroom and computer-based training (CBT).

The passing mark for the Prince2 Practitioner exam will be 180 points. This means that you have to answer more than 4 questions correctly to get the certification. In this three hour exam, candidates are allowed to open their manuals. However, please take note that they only accept the Prince2 Manual. This is what makes the Prince2 Practitioner exam different from other certification exams. Yes, this may look easy for others. But then, you could be wrong so better think again and focus on your training.

The Prince2 Practitioner exam will definitely test your knowledge and skills of Prince2. First and foremost, you have to demonstrate your understanding with the processes behind Prince2, which will eventually prove your worth to be a certified practitioner.  Every points count on this exam. Unlike in the previous multiple choice exam, all you have to do is to select the best answer. Now scoring would be entirely different. For each question you can obtain partial points depending on how accurate your answer is. Following of instructions is also a must so as to avoid making correct answers void.


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