Prince2 Process Map – A Quick Reference to Prince2 Implementation

If you are traveling and you find yourself lost from some unknown reasons, then what is the tool that you will use to put you back again on the right track? What is this thing that is often used by Amazing Race contestants? The answer, of course, is obviously the map. The map can provide you a quick reference as to where you are currently located. In Prince2, a process map is needed to determine the next step towards project implementation.

There are different processes involved in the creation of project as illustrated in the Prince2 process map. The first one is directing a project (DP), which marks the start of the project. This stage is aimed at the Project Board, which is used to monitor reports.

Starting up a project (SU) is next in line, which happens to be the first Prince2 process that is aimed to determine if every prerequisite are indeed present and available before a project will be initiated. This leads to the third process, which is initiating a project (IP). What happens here is that everyone that is involved in the project should provide a justification to proceed with it and how it will be done.

The fourth stage is managing stage boundaries (MSB) wherein the Project Board will now decide if the project should be continued. Once approved, this will be followed by controlling a stage (CS) wherein the project manager should control and monitor the activities of the project such as generation of reports among others.

Managing product delivery (MP) is performed next to make sure that the planned products are created and delivered on schedule. Closing a project (CP) is the next to wrap things up. Not that too complicated, isn’t it?


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