Prince2 Project Management: Worth the Comparison?

Princes 2, as most people especially project managers know, is a methodology that was invented by the UK government in order to make it systems run effectively. From a national standpoint it trickled down to the local economy and is now being used in the private sector in order to make efficiency work at the local level. It is very popular in a lot of European nations, leaving all its competitors in the dust and constantly building up a steady stream of loyal followers. In fact, there seems to be no point in comparing Prince2 to other project management qualifications, because aside from the fact that it is the industry standard, it has proven its merit by being the first established system and continues to run up to today.

Compared to the other type of management process (Ten Step), Prince 2 only runs on eight. Yes, two steps shorter than the other industry established system! If we break down the process three – namely starting up, initiating and planning) make up the planning part of the project. Starting up and Initiating can be found in the beginning portion of the Prince2 system. Planning is a process that goes until the last stage of the project sequence. Ten step, on the other hand, only uses two steps in the planning phase of its system. Its last eight steps are devoted to the management of project execution – a process that obviously takes more time compared to Prince2. So if you were to choose one, it is highly likely that you will go for the Prince2 better option!

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