Prince2 vs PMP: Is One Better than the Other?

There are many project managers who are wondering what should be the best project management credential needed in order to get a lucrative job in the field.  Some would say that a Prince2 certification would be great for project managers who wish to advance their career in UK.  On the other hand, some sectors would prefer PMP or Project Management Professionals certification especially if the manager will work in the United States.

The difference lies in the origin of the two frameworks.  Prince2 was developed in the UK and was extensively used successfully in that country.  Prince2 however has been adapted by companies and organizations outside of the UK and has been getting good press through the world.  PMP certification on the other hand is being primarily used by project management professionals in the US.  It also has many practitioners around the world and has been in existence for nearly 35 years now. 

Some observers asserted that the advantage of Prince2 method lies in its focus which is product based.  Prince2, as a project management methodology concerns itself with successful deliveries of projects rather than on the activities of the project.  This makes the Prince2 system output-driven and is viewed as a more pro-active way of handling and managing different projects. 

The debate on Prince2 vs PMP has been ongoing for many years now.  However, it would be good for project managers to be certified both as Prince2 and PMP practitioners in order to broaden their career opportunities in the field of project management.

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