Problems Encountered in Management Inbound Call Center Organizations

When the Management of Inbound Call Centers is called into question, it may be because the Management chose to reward call center agents for the wrong customer service behavior.

Call center agents may have been advised to prioritize quantity of calls taken over the quality of calls and the end status of the caller. This means the customer was not factored into the equation to measure productivity and effectivity  only the number of calls that the call center agents managed to squeeze in during their shifts may have mattered to Management.

To such managers, it should not come as a surprise then if customer satisfaction suffers as a result. To the customer, what matters is if the Call Center manages to produce the results needed or desired by the customer  regardless of whether the call was a simple product inquiry or a legitimate, and even serious, complaint. Even in call centers, the welfare of the customer should rule over statistics like numbers of calls taken by the agents.

Inbound Call Center managers may take a cue from companies in other industries which have managed to turn around their business because they chose to focus on meeting customer needs rather than on their theories and statistics. For instance, Toyota has found that by prioritizing good customer service they were able to improve hard numbers like earnings and profits. It also results in repeat sales to the same customers because the customer will base his/her future buying decision on past experience.

The point simply is that Inbound Call Center problems with earnings and profits can be reduced if not totally eliminated by concentrating on customer welfare rather than blind devotion to the numbers.

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