Procedure for Configuration Management At Oracle

Oracle is no stranger to Configuration Management, because this company has integrated that IT and telecommunications system concept into its own services. One product that Oracle has adapted for use in Configuration Management is its Oracle Enterprise Manager software, geared especially for business applications.

The Oracle Enterprise Manager is supposed to integrate Configuration Management into its scope of management functionality, with the aim of helping the business client get better business results. Configuration Management can then be said to be a key functional area of concern for Oracle and its client.

To find out how Configuration Management can work for your business in this software product from Oracle, you need to learn about the Oracle Enterprise Manager integrated configuration management tool. This tool helps in the correct configuration of management environments by listing down the infrastructure and application components affected; monitoring the changes imposed on these system components; then validating such changes to assure accuracy.

One other feature of the Oracle Enterprise Manager which potential clients may find appealing is the Configuration Comparison tool. This tool allows elements of the application environment to be observed closely by the system administrator so he can see any changes, differences, and even similarities. This tool is particularly helpful for administrators who need to understand why some elements that look practically the same may exhibit different behavior patterns.

In the end, the Oracle Enterprise Manager integrated configuration management tool should assist client businesses reach for their desired performance and availability goals (based on performance), enhance productivity at the management level, and promote resource conservation and optimal utilization  all while keeping total expenses to a bare minimum.

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