Process Improvement  The Ultimate Goal of Six Sigma

Process improvement means making careful evaluation of the current process while preparing for some modifications needed for future operations. This has always been the main objective of Six Sigma as it is a more disciplined approach to solve issues surrounding project implementation. But then again, how can Project Leaders and associates segregate the efficient processes from the ineffective ones? How can one say This is the right thing to do. if there are a lot of options at hand? Here is how process improvement works.

The first stage is to define the problem. To improve the process, the first thing to do is to identify the source of the problem and why or how it happened.  The elimination of the problem will be the main task and the person (s) responsible in solving it should also be determined on this stage.

The measure phase comes next. There are a lot of tools that can be used to measure the improvement done on the current process. Maps and graphical illustrations can be utilized as basis for improvement.

Third, make some analysis of the facts presented. This is the point wherein Project Leaders will get busy as they will determine the best course of action to eventually eliminate the problem.

The fourth step is called the improve phase. In this stage, chances of eliminating the root cause of the problem gets bigger through the application of suitable solutions to the issue.

Control is the final step wherein the project team has to ensure the continuity of the project after the application of fixes to the problem. It is now time to designate people to man the different work stations, which mark the success of the project.

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