Profile of Information Systems Manager

Information systems manager hold critical tasks in the IT environment of companies.  They are the driving force that enables the management information department to work efficiently and productively.  Specifically, information systems managers are responsible for designing and planning the entire technology architecture of companies. 

They also have to implement important research and development functions related to corporate information technology.  They have to devise ways on how to further develop the information systems of their organizations.  And of course they have to manage the army of tech geeks and wiz that the company employs.  In the IT world, this is probably the most difficult aspect of management.

Information systems managers should possess relevant MBA degrees. Aside from this, they should also have Masters Degree in computer science specifically in management information systems.  Most companies also look for managers that have at least 5 years experience in the same capacity.  They must also have relevant professional trainings and possess certifications from a reputable certifying body.

The average salary provided to information systems managers range from $90,000 to $110,000.  It is a very lucrative job which promises enormous salary and bonuses but it is also one of the most difficult.  Not everyone can become an information systems manager.  It requires professional adeptness, superior IT skills, and excellent management capabilities.  Information systems managers should have two attributes.  They should be a competent technician to solve technical problems.  And they should also be an effective administrator in order to overcome the rigors of daily management tasks.

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