Progressive Insurance and Service Oriented Architecture


oriented architecture (SOA) can be implemented in any industry that utilizes IT
systems and technologies, such as the progressive insurance industry. In recent
years, the progressive insurance industry has witnessed increased competition,
which has forced many insurance companies to employ process-enrichment tools
such as SOA. Service oriented architecture has become a necessity for
progressive insurance companies because their main aim is to offer better
products and services to customers. Designing a new insurance product may not
require that much help from SOA, but when it comes to insurance related
services such as handling insurance claims, no progressive insurance company
can claim to offer quality services without employing SOA.


day progressive insurance companies have their operations in most parts of the
world, requiring the use of advanced automated IT systems and technologies,
which provide instant access to the insurance related data of customers.
Service oriented architecture helps because it enables communication between IT
systems based on various technological platforms. By employing SOA, progressive
insurance companies are able to offer better and faster services to their
customers located in any region of the world. In the near future, more new
products and services will be offered to customers by progressive insurance
companies, which will further fuel the demand for service oriented
architecture. This is good news for SOA service providers.




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