Project Management Body of Knowledge and its Evolution

The Project Management Body of Knowledge or the PMBoK was first published in 1987 by the Project Management Institute in its desire to come up with a printed black and white to set one common concept about what may be deemed acceptable and is not in the area of project management. Generally, the whole idea of having this book published is to make sure that the practices and actions in project management are coherently performed based on the total idea of the project management discipline.

The initial edition of the Project Management Body Knowledge came into publication in 1996 and was then followed by its succeeding edition in 2000. With its success, more and more modifications and updates have been incorporated in 2004 as the third edition was released. The changes made on this edition were practically made to make it a little more adaptive with the present need and environment of the actual users. As of this writing, the fourth edition of the Project Management Body of Knowledge is currently being worked on by a group of experts in the field and will soon be released anytime this year.

The revisions are being made on the basis of how well the ideas and concepts become more applicable in the field of software development and engineering, engineering construction, and automotive designs. By so doing, the PMBoK not only becomes practically attractive to potential readers but more notably, it becomes potentially useful in majority of fields and areas where it is inevitably essential.

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