Project Management Certification: The Significance of PMBOK

The Project Management Professional certification program is an acknowledged
credential to several organizations and businesses worldwide. To be competent in the
business industry, it is necessary to have the certification to prove the person’s capability.
This will help professionals obtain greater opportunities and get a higher salary.

The Project Management certification helps a lot of professionals in realizing their dream
and getting a good job. Aside form that, there is a Project Management Body of
Knowledge or PMBOK Guide that will help students and practitioners in providing
services in Project Management. This certification is ideally for those who wanted to
improve their knowledge and skills in creating project control plans, providing
suggestions on performance limits, giving support in the administrative disclosure and
many more.

The PMBOK Guide provides standards, concepts and knowledge in the proper practices
of Project Management. This guide is accepted and approved by the American National
Standard (ANS) by American National Standard Institute. This certification program
aims to help professionals and students in acquiring the skills needed in order to perform
well on the job.

The PMBOK is a process based guide. Initially it has 5 group processes that are usually
seen in most projects. These are: Initiating, executing, planning, controlling and
monitoring, and closing. In order to obtain this guide, professionals can download it in
the internet. Just search for sites that give updated versions to provide an accurate
standard in project management. This will also give practitioners and professionals a
convenient way to review, study and pass the certification exam.

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