Project Management Like No Other

Anyone well versed in Project Management ought to know Prince2 by heart – that is, if one knows that he is an exceptional project manager who is capable of churning out great results!  Prince actually stands for Projects in Controlled Environments and it is one type of project management method that is widely used by many organizations, thanks to its ability to make projects easy to manage and control. This amazing system was created by the CCTA or otherwise known as the United Kingdom Computer and Telecommunications Agency. It has become such a success with the Brits that it now a great part of the OCG or the Office of Government Commerce back in the year 1989, serving as the numero uno standard when it comes to Information Technology project management. While the amazing Brits of the United Kingdom takes props for its development, it is also free to use by anyone and everyone. If you dig deeper, you will also know that the Prince2 traces its roots to PROMPT, a project management method back in the seventies.

Prince2 Project Management has widely used in the private as well as public sectors of many cities. Its popularity makes it, as previously mentioned, the industry standard in United Kingdom project management, but is also fast gaining ground in countries such as Holland, New Zealand and Australia. Soon enough, it will be well known all over Europe, the United States and Asia, and it will be the buzzword of all project management specialists of the world.


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