Project Management Resume Tips And Reminders

Many companies today are growing either through expansion, branching out, mergers or
takeovers.  Because of this the demand for a project manager has been growing steadily
over the years.  If you are planning on creating a project management resume, always
remember that companies nowadays are more demanding and stringent in terms of
matching your qualification skills with their needs.  Therefore, in creating a project
management resume, the first rule of thumb is: pick the right project management job that
matches your skills and abilities.  Having a certificate in project management will
certainly help you in catching the attention of potential employers.

Researching on job postings for project management should not be done in random order. 
There are plenty of online job postings and you can easily select the ones that will match
your skills level, experience and education.  Once you have found a company that you
think will suit your qualifications, then make a tailor fit project management resume that
will match your skills with their needs.  Common qualifications like budget handling,
leadership, and certifications should be included in your resume.

In your project management resume, also include the total number of years managing
projects and who you directly reported to.  Include your major achievements in the
projects you’ve handled like company budget savings and earnings, and success rate
versus original plan.

Your project management resume should also be able to briefly explain the scope and
complexity of the projects you have handled.  This gives the impression that you can be
given a diverse set of projects in a range of disciplines.  If your projects required you to
travel, then include this also because this shows your potential employer that you are
willing to be assigned in different areas.

Job objectives, contact information, education, seminars attended and facilitated, awards
received, certifications, and references is a given in any resume but the paragraphs above
should be observed in creating your project management resume.


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