Project Management Software Issues – Change Requests from Customers

When a huge project is at stake, the company requires a lot of project management software applications that will aid in ensuring that every single process made within the course of the project is geared towards business success. Such project management software applications include quality management (used for evaluation of the quality of products offered and services rendered), scheduling (used for arranging schedules of people who will work on the project, all the resources required and the various tasks needed to perform), finance (used for cost control, payroll and budget management), or administration systems (used for project planning).

Project management software applications can be implemented as a desktop software program (installed on the computer) or a Web application (accessed using a browser). Typically, these software applications can only be accessed by a group of people who were chosen to work on a particular area of a project.  However, not all programs are perfect, meaning that these programs sometimes do not work as designed. This is where reporting comes in.

Users of these programs can call for support whenever such issues are encountered. The help desk support personnel will then gather information and open a ticket for that particular issue. This will used to track down the source of the problem so that possible fixes can be done on the system. Eventually, this will lead to software improvements that will both be benefited by the users and the company itself. In addition, submitting feedback is also one way of letting the management know what feature needs to be incorporated with the program among other enhancements. Change requests are welcome for as long as they are feasible and practical

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