Project Management To Program Management To Operations PM

While project management is the process of efficiently finishing a project through the
application of best practices, it does entail a broader context which also includes program
management among others.  A program may consist of several associated projects and
sub-projects that all contribute to the successful implementation of the strategic plan. 
The Operations Program Manager (Operations PM) is responsible for this.

According to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK), a program is a
collection of related projects that are coordinated and managed in such a way that the best
benefits and control are achieved.  They may include elements that are outside of the
scope of the original project but are still related to the program.  Programs also involve
revolving or repetitive projects.  Different fund raising campaigns for a similar cause are
an example of a repetitive project.  The job of the Operations PM is to manage the
workload of managing the day-to-day activities of the project like tracking, coordination,
and documentation.  The Operations PM will also be called upon to improve the steps of
existing operational processes, tools, and techniques.

A Program Management Office is suggested in every project management undertaking. 
This is the office of the Project Manger as well as the Operations PM and will also be
responsible for overseeing the management of projects, programs or both.  It will provide
standardized policies and procedures and will be involved in the direct management of
the project or program to its completion.

The Operations PM will manage all operational and service components of the program
management in order to fulfill the objectives of the project management plan.

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