Proxim WiMAX Products and Solutions: Drivers of WiMAX Propagation

WiMAX has been quite popular because of the reach it has in providing broadband access. While it is likened to Wi-Fi, it is quite distinct in the sense that it can connect to farther areas. It is also more stable and quite stronger than Wi-Fi.

However, the spread of the WiMAX technology will not be facilitated without the support of the various telecommunications companies that not only manufacture the hardware and create the software but also provide the services to the end-users themselves. The goal of having interoperability would not have been achieved if these companies did not set it as their own as well.

Proxim is a world leader in providing end-to end wireless broadband solutions. Not only does is provide last mile connectivity through Wi-Fi and WiMAX but it also provides campus like building to building connectivity through enterprise WLAN applications. The company also provides mobile data solutions such as those used by public safety officers and field workers. For voice, cellular data and video, it provides point to point high bandwidth backhaul for wireless ISPs and carriers.

In terms of its contributions to WiMAX, Proxim is a leader in developing cutting edge and affordable systems for both the fixed and mobile WiMAX. The company also produced indoor service units for residential use. Proxim WiMAX solutions are also as cutting edge as their products. For instance, the company provides last mile access solutions to service providers of all sizes. Availing such from Proxim would enable providers to provide broadband access to residents and their other customers cost effectively. Service providers would also have the luxury of being able to deploy broadband access to more residents at a faster rate.

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