PRTG Network Monitor: An Excellent Example of a Network Testing Software

A specified network is a set of computers, servers, terminals, and components which enable the easy and successful flow of data. A steady network allows efficient use of various resources between the interconnected equipment and facilities. Normally, a network is characterized by the data type transmission technology that uses it (e.g. kinds of signals being carried, network users, nature of connections, and types of physical links.

Unless network is made stable or secured, software quality, performance, reliability, and security will be at risk. Apparently, any flaw in software can certainly be dejected through open security fault by any potential intruders. And with the further development in the Internet, software security dilemmas have rather increased and becoming worse.

Inevitable events such as these resulted in software applications and services to integrate security measures particularly against software malevolent attacks. Network or security testing then includes software flaws identification and removal. Helpful simulated security attacks scenarios are carried out to determine software vulnerabilities.

A perfect example particularly of network testing software is the PRTG Network Monitor. This software is developed and distributed by Paessler AG. It is a sturdy network monitoring solution that ensures availability and accessibility of network components and paths, likewise of data traffic measures and usage. PRTG Network Monitor also reduces costs by saving time, averting outages, optimizing connections, and managing services level agreements (SLAs).

Lastly, executing PRTG Network Monitor as network testing software helps to avoid any form of bottlenecks in bandwidth and server performance, encourages users to become proactive resulting to better quality of service delivered, reduce costs since bandwidth and hardware are bought on actual load, increase profits since potential losses are avoided, and find peace of mind; knowing that everything is running steadily and efficiently.

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