Purchase of the VMware 6

If you would like to save your money in purchasing operating systems for each of your computers at work, the VMware Workstation 6 is the solution.  The VMware Workstation 6 allows you to give more flexibility with your desktop or laptop computers.  It reduces the hardware cost by 50% or more as your machines are running multiple operating systems on a single PC.  VMware automates and streamlines work thus saving time and improving company’s productivity.

The VMware Workstation is helpful to IT professionals, software developers and testers, and those from the technical sales and training professionals.   Some of the key benefits of the VMware Workstation are as follows:

1.  IT professionals –   The creation and test of multiple computing environments as virtual machines on a single PC makes the job of IT Professionals easy.  The VMware reduces the cost of the PC equipment by 50%-60%.  It facilitates the software migration and updates, and accelerates resolution of Help Desk tickets.
2. Software Developers & Testers – It allows them to accelerate time to market as they eliminate time consuming set up tasks, enhance quality assurance and automate repetitive tasks.
3. Technical Sales & Training Professionals – It makes complex multi-tier applications easy to work out.  VMware Workstation reduces the cost and complexity of software demos.  It allows instructors to have their students work on a sandbox environment where experiments can be done safely.

The VMware Workstation 6 can be electronically downloaded or purchased on its retail packaged version.  It is available in Japanese or English language and hosts Windows or Linux.  The cost of the electronic download is quite lower than the packaged version as the latter includes VMware Workstation on CD, printed manual and web-based support for the first 30 days after shipment.


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