Pursuing IT Accreditation By Reviewing SCJP Test Papers

SCJP Test Papers are material sourced from previous versions of the SCJP (Sun Certified Java Programming) exams. The two latest exams are the SCJP Exam CX-310-035 (also called SCJP Exam 1.4) and the more advanced SCJP 5.0: Tiger version (or Exam CX-310-055.)

Obviously, it would be difficult to get SCJP Test Papers for the SCJP 5.0: Tiger simply because many people probably do not even know that it exists or that they will need to take it soon. Most people are still adjusting to SCJP Exam 1.4 at this point, which is understandable. It seems Sun Microsystems is staying one step ahead of everyone by putting out SCJP 5.0: Tiger this early.

So should you examine previous SCJP Test Papers to review for SCJP 5.0: Tiger? Actually, it would be far better to find out the coverage of SCJP 5.0: Tiger instead of relying on answers to previous exam versions. There are some basic differences between past exams and this new version.

For one, SCJP 5.0: Tiger demands skills in performance-based situations more than simple memorization of knowledge. The point to this seems to be that a candidate for accreditation should be more concerned with how the entire system works (rather than focusing just on absorbing more and more disparate data.) Learning actually improves when you know how the parts of the system work and how they work together to form a complete system  you will find that the individual bits of information that you usually work so hard to memorize will come to you more easily when you do this type of studying.

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