Query Data with SQL Server

The Structured Query Language (SQL) Server is a product of Microsoft.  It is designed to manage and store information.   Technically, SQL Server is a relational database management system (RDMS), where the data stored inside SQL server are housed in a relational database and that the SQL Server is an entire management system.  It is the entire management system mainly for the reason that the word SQL means a language used to manage and administer the database server.

The SQL Server has a database management system where in data is store in the form of tables and relationship among the data is stored in the form of tables.  Tables use rows and columns like a spreadsheet however unlike a spreadsheet, the data rows stored inside a Table is not in any particular order.  A spreadsheet would allow you to sort items but the actual data on the Table is rearranged.  Sort options are limited and the system creates it’s own design of the format.  In relational database management system, the Table would not be rearranged.  Your sort list option would ask the database to present you a copy of the data the way you wanted it sorted.  To request to see the data is to use the Query command.  So when the Query command is run you see the personalized display copy of the data, without having to rearrange the actual data.

The query statement rules out what data is to be retrieved.  The data is processed by the query processor, which determines the sequence of steps necessary to retrieve the requested data. The sequence of actions needed to execute a query is called a query plan.

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