Quick 3 Ways to ISO 9000 Internal Audit Procedures

ISO 9000 internal audit is normally conducted by experienced quality control personnel of the company. They are trained in the process of ISO auditing and possess the necessary skills to ensure compliance with the ISO standards. On the other hand, some companies hire a third party ISO 9000 auditor to evaluate their quality management standards. ISO 9000 internal audit is very important to ensure that the procedures and documentations of the company are in order. The ISO audit can make sure that companies could clinch ISO 9000 certification. For ISO certified companies, the internal audit will ensure compliance to standards and pass the re-certification process.

To have a thorough ISO 9000 internal audit system, companies should make a plan for its implementation. An internal audit plan may include the definition of auditing parameters. It also involves the creation of the company ISO audit team and assigning tasks to individual members of the team.

The second step to ISO internal audit is the creation of documentary requirements that will be needed by the audit team. These documents may include questionnaires that could test the compliance of the companys business processes with the ISO standards. These tools will be used to speed up the audit process and standardize the results especially if the company has numerous detached business units.

The third and final step includes the actual ISO 9000 internal audit. At this stage however, it should be clear to the internal audit team what are the steps and measures they should take for ISO auditing. It is also best if the ISO auditing team can devise their own strategies on how to measure the level of compliance of the different departments and business units of the company.

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