Rationalizing a Load Testing Software

When you are embarked on software development or probably a software solutions business, the term Load Testing a software may come to be a household term for you.  However, for generally of software and program users, the term load testing is still an alienating term to be considered. 

Load testing is a highly technical term that when simplified in layman’s term would only express the thought of forecasting the number of users or the expected users of the software by means of controlled simulation conducted to a number users who try to access and use the software simultaneously.  This is made possible by launching or uploading the software via one of the web servers and from there every access and click on the software will be counted.  Alternatively, the term load testing software is the process of properly determining the number of responses created by the software based on the actual usage made when the software will be launched.

Most often, the load testing software is used to quantify the potential market that the software can generate thereby predicting the possible market sales that it can generate once it is officially launched in the market.  Apparently, when this load testing software is used, the vendor – the software maker – can have an initial view of the responses and therefore can make pro-active decisions about how to better sell the software. 

Technically, when you come across the terms performance or reliability tests being conducted on a software, it can also mean load testing a software. 

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