Razor Configuration Management: The Basics

The face of technology is constantly evolving that more often than not, software developers find it quite difficult to keep up with all the updates and the changes that need to be done. This is the reason why more and more companies are taking advantage of the benefits brought about by configuration management tools. Basically, configuration management involves a painstaking process of updating and recording in detail the software and hardware components of each individual computer system and network. Hundreds of configuration management tools have been developed, and Razor is one good example. First, take a look at the features and advantages of Razor configuration management.

With Razor, the productivity of your organization will increase because the development and update of the software that you are using will be systematic and a lot easier. Here is a quick list of Razor’s features: Integrated Change Management, tracking of issues which can be done remotely or using web-based applications, remote and parallel team development, and scalability. This system can also support multiple servers over an entire network. Aside from these features, Razor configuration management will allow you to customize the overall workflow. It is also an affordable and flexible option for business organizations. Utilizing the Razor configuration management tool is probably one of the best business decisions that you can make  since it will allow you to update your network, manage and update the software on a regular basis, and have an efficient configuration management system to benefit your business as a whole. 

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