Read about SOA on a White Paper

Have you ever read a white paper? For some, this could be a new term for them to hear. Basically a white paper is a written document that can either serve as a government paper or a commercial paper, depending on how it is presented, its purpose and of course the target audience.  While government white papers function as a report concerning a government policy imposed on a certain issue, a commercial white paper on the other hand acts like a document for marketing communications, designed to encourage people in supporting products and services being offered by a certain company. These are the common types of white papers today.

Service oriented architecture’s (SOA) goal is to link different processes to better serve customers. This is the reason why it is indeed a strategic move for companies to publish a commercial white paper also known as SOA white paper to educate the public and at the same time promote specific service solutions to common issues.

An example of a SOA white paper is the one published by Hewlett Packard (HP). This contains HP’s answer to different business concerns and requirements such as aligning IT with the company objectives, and sharing of communications effectively and efficiently. It is now known as “Adaptive Enterprise (AE)”. Because of the design principles behind Adaptive Enterprise, it made customers aware on how HP drive technology decisions while sustaining practical value to its clients. Should you wish to view the SOA white papers of other companies such as Sun and Microsoft among others, just visit your favorite search engine to generate the results for you.


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