Read ITIL through White paper ppt

Knowledge is based on what you have learned either through readings or experiences.  Most often we gather information through reading books, articles from newspapers and magazines and from online information such as wikipedia, etc.  With online information, how can one be assured that such information are factual and provides authoritative report?  Nowadays a new form of providing information through website readers is through white paper ppt.

In an IT service management, ITIL® white paper is now the commonly used authoritative report of providing information on the framework structure of the ITIL® and the best practices in the IT services.  ITIL® is used to educate customers as well as companies in coming up of decisions toward improving their IT service management. 

ITIL® white paper ppt should be carefully crafted so as not to mislead others that it was written for marketing purposes.  The ITIL® white paper should be accomplished by giving an educational content that would be relevant to interested readers.  It should focus on the reader’s need than in giving specific solutions as sponsor paper suggests. The ITIL® white paper ppt should provide an extensive discussion of what has been gained from advanced IT service management solutions and how ITIL® is to be implemented.  The paper should provide the procedural steps to planning, selecting and implementing ITIL® out of the box and into the management level.

The ITIL® white paper is sponsored by white paper
 vendors.  It is normally access through power point or the Adobe player version.

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