Read the Customer Reviews

Most people buy online over the Internet.  But one cannot be blamed for still having the second feeling if they are buying the right product or are they buying from a good seller.  You just cannot blame them for feeling such, as what they can only see is through a picture.  They are not even sure if the product description is really what is written and they take chance of buying of not knowing what to get once they get done paying for it and the product get delivered in their doorstep.

Most companies that try to sell things online provide customers a chance to write reviews about the product and about the seller.  It is one way of receiving a customer feedback.  Customer reviews can be positive or negative but it is found to be helpful for those to decide on whether to buy the product or buy from the seller.

Customer feedback can be of two types:  product ratings and customer review.  The product ratings allow customers to rate product from a scale of 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest.  Customer review allows customer to post their reaction of a product.   Reviews are posted for everyone to see.  Customer reviews can bear the name of customer as well as include the customer’s email address. This would allow other customers viewing to get into details why customer has posted such review, for prospective customer reference.

Customer reviews should be seen as a healthy way of building transparent customer relationship to existing as well as prospective customers.

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