Reasons Why IT Governance Is Necessary

IT governance is indeed necessary to guarantee value in IT and eliminate the risks and
prevent failure in the future. Organizational success actually depends basically on how
effective and efficient your IT is in delivering the goods and services to your customers.
This plays a huge part in bringing change in the organization. This business
transformation gives your company great rewards and at the same time open doors to
potential risks that can interrupt operations. It is important for companies to balance the
rewards and the risks as well especially in using IT allow change in your company.

IT governance has the management’s ability to organize, control and direct the
company’s IT activities and its objectives. In IT governance organizational structure,
leadership and processes are utilized to control the resources and align IT. This also
includes management risk, handling of resources and maintaining the performance of
management. This challenge the expectations of stakeholders particularly when business
components use similar services and applications are held by specific business units that
organize and control the budget to support, create new developments and designs.

This method needs the assessment of responsibilities and roles in the processes that are
applied for making important decisions that can actually make a great impact on the goals
and achievement of the company. Good governance can align the regular activities using
tactical goals and supports individuals to carry out essential tasks that can affect the goals
by connecting the tasks in IT, activity, process and business goals of the company.



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