Reasons Why SaaS is the Future for Online Service

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There are many reasons why SaaS or software as a service is so popular nowadays.  And they really are very simple:  the multi-tenacity layers of its stack, the pay-as-you need it pricing scheme, its shareware feature where payment is not immediately demanded, the vendor responsibility for the management and infrastructure and application, and the regular updates that are automatic in most cases.  The customer-focused and customer- driven approach is why SaaS is the transaction of choice for many people.

The method of delivering the product is also one of the reasons why SaaS is very much suited for small and medium-sized companies.  Some large enterprises have also started some pilot projects on SaaS because of its easy, no-fuss payment system as well as its very flexible license agreements.  Without the need for an initial cash outlay, the products can be tried and tested before a company can actually purchase the product.  And even after the product has already been purchased, the customer-focused approach of the vendors makes upgrades and updates a part of the product feature.  This is why SaaS has been gaining popularity to many large corporations also.

So there really is no reason why SaaS should not be trusted by individuals, small and medium businesses and even large corporations.  Although there may be concerns about security, privacy and data control, because the data is hosted by a company that has all the data from other customers also.  There are also some SaaS companies that have very limited or non-existent service level agreements.  But all in all, the reason why SaaS is a better choice still outweighs the cons.

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