Record Keeping ISO 9000 Forms

Yet the ISO 9000 does not require forms for businesses to have, the ISO although requires documentation and record keeping. ISO 9000 forms would be of helpful to businesses that are in the process of having their businesses registered with the ISO. Forms can be used as guides to users making sure that quality management is practiced. It is also makes the audit of an ISO Auditor easier. Few examples of ISO 9000 forms are as follows:

1. Corrective & Preventive Action Plan Form. This allows employees a walk through of the process and the plan of action to be done in case errors occur while on production.
2. Customer Complaint Form. This form allows the documentation of the customer complaint filed from complaint to resolution to follow up.
3. Customer Survey Form. This form is a customer questionnaire use to provide information of how customer feels for the companys product or services.
4. Employee Evaluation Form. This form is used to appraise the performance of employees.
5. Job Description Form. This form is designed to meet the ISO 9000 requirement wherein the responsibilities and authorities of each employee should be detailed out.
6. Management Review Form. The form is used to document results of the management review and makes it easier for management to recall the previous meeting agreements on issues and check if such has been implemented.
7. Quality Planning Checklist Form. This form guides the quality planning process in ensuring that requirements of the ISO 9000 are met. It should be used especially when new products or services are to be planned.

ISO 9000 forms are not a requirement but a useful tool in record keeping.

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