Remedy IT service management

the last few years, the IT industry had to face plenty of tough challenges,
especially due to increased competition and development of newer IT systems and
technologies. IT companies are nowadays finding it tough to manage their
operations in an ever-evolving business environment. The best option then for
IT companies is to implement specialized management concepts and methodologies
that will help in increasing the efficiency of existing business processes.
Such initiatives on part of an IT company is often termed as ‘remedy IT service
management’, which may cover all the various aspects such as customer service
management, event management, problem management, change management, design
management, release management, service level management, financial management,
service continuity, capacity management, and accessibility management.


IT service management’ is a general notation that refers to all the methods and
techniques employed by an IT company to solve the most common management
related problems that the company might be facing. The remedial measures may
also involve the implementation of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system in
an organization or the overhaul of the exiting management framework. Once the remedial
measures are properly implemented, the organization can look forward to
increased efficiency and reduced operational costs, both of which are necessary
for staying ahead of the nearest competitors.

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