Requirements for the Position of Director Project Management

When you say you want to become a Director of Project Management, that is a job title that may apply to multiple occupational situations. This is because Project Management can be employed in different ways in different organizations. Fortunately, for our purposes, we can define the requirements that are common to any Director of Project Management position.

A Director of Project Management must have the capacity to use his technical and managerial skills to coordinate project requirements in the areas of Personnel, Materials, Engineering, and Finance.

This means the Director should know what Project Management means and how it applies to the field of practice he is in. This is inclusive of Project Management principles and practices.

He/she should be aware of any regulatory policies or laws at the local, state, and federal levels which may affect Project Management of the project the Director is overseeing.

He/she should be completely knowledgeable as well about the municipal funding system, pertaining to the areas of management, financial planning, cost accounting, and budgeting.

Then the Director ought to display competency in planning, implementation, and coordination of technical programs, as well as administrative programs.

No Director would be caught dead not knowing how to express his/her ideas in both written and verbal form, since this would imperil his/her ability to conduct Project Management effectively. This is closely related to the ability of the Director to interact and collaborate with project team members to assure smooth working relationships and the success of the project implementation.

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