Requirements to Become a Computer Help Desk Technician

A Computer Help Desk Technician is sometimes called a Help Desk Consultant, or a Help Desk
Technical Consultant (if you want to get really formal about it.) The job of a Computer
Help Desk Technician is to provide necessary technical expertise to clients who experience
problems with the software and/or hardware that the employer of the technician sold or
provided to the clients.

A Computer Help Desk Technician may be required to render technical assistance through
communication channels such as email and telephone. Usually, the client will call the help
desk operations through their telephone landline. The calls will be recorded by an
automatic call logging system for documentation and review later on.

The Computer Help Desk Technician will have to figure out what are the causes of the
problems that the caller is experiencing. For example, if it is a software problem, he may
ask questions to the caller to find out if the problems were caused by software glitches or
if there is a virus within the software being used. If it is a hardware problem, the caller
may be able to provide clues as to which hardware components seem to be on the fritz.

A Computer Help Desk Technician can help the client even from long distance locations
through the wonders of IT advances. For instance, if there is a bug within the software,
the Computer Help Desk Technician may be able to notify the Development division so that
the bug can be programmed out of the software program. If the client found that his data
had been corrupted, the Computer Help Desk Technician can help fix the data by dialing into
the website of the client.

To be considered for the job of Computer Help Desk Technician, it is not enough to have
technical and analytical expertise. One must also possess a pleasant manner on the
telephone, a capacity to function even under time pressure, and an ability to work with
the team in resolving problems.


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