Requirements to Become a Supervisor Manager Call Center Employee

In certain call centers, the Supervisor is differentiated from the Supervisor Manager. Basically, a Supervisor will manage call center agents while the Supervisor Manager will oversee the work of the Supervisors. Thus, we see that a three-level hierarchy exists with the Supervisor Manager looking over the whole set-up, the Supervisors following suit when it comes to being the next authority figures, and the call center agents acting as the base of the hierarchy.

But it should not be assumed that the Supervisors will be working very independently of the Supervisor Manager  far from it, the Supervisor Manager will be dependent on the Supervisors to assist her in her functions. Without the Supervisors, the Supervisor Manager may find herself at a loss as to how to carry out her work effectively and efficiently.

The Supervisors have to help the Supervisor Manager in creating reports to evaluate the productivity of the call centers under their jurisdiction; predict or estimate customer demand for their services; and on the whole assess how effective the Call Center is functioning over a period of time.

This data should help the Supervisor Manager analyze how to structure future staff training, with emphasis on any needed changes or additions to the present system.

Both the Supervisors and the Supervisor Manager should work in collaboration with the Information Systems Department of the call center. This helps all these three parties identify problems and ways to integrate vast data warehousing capabilities within the local area network.

The Supervisor Manager has overall responsibility, though, in assuring that the call center adheres to call center service standards. Since the Supervisor Manager is answerable to the Call Center Director, she must then be able to see both the nitty-gritty details of daily call center activities and how these make up a much bigger picture of productivity.

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